April 14, 2005

Weblog Sample

Took a closer look at http://www.codeproject.com/soap/weblog.asp. Tested it on my PC and it worked. Had to copy the Weblog project to my Inetpub directory and set it as an web application using the ComputerManager=>Services and Applications=>InternetInformatioServices tool.There are some useful techniques to learn from this sample. The way it uses passwords to access a webservice. I also like the fact that it persists the data direct to an XML file rather than some database. Managed to get editdvdcollection.aspx to write the updated dvdcollection.xml file correctly. I had to remove the TITLE, DESCRIPTION and LASTUPDATED elements from the COLLECTION node and then just regenerate the xsd. Makes me wonder how the DataSets handle complex XML. What if I kept these elements but put all the ENTRY nodes under a single ENTRIES node could I get the code to work then. I havent got time to investigate this I just want something that works. Next I need to work out how an aspx web page can accessed using only secured (via a password) users. I want access to a web page for everyone but the editing facilities only available to those who are logged on. When I started writing the Freelancer XSL I got used to the two different forms ways of processing nodes. I like the idea of writing a rule to match a node no matter where it is in the sequence and processing it. However sometimes you want to choose a particular node and ignore all the rest. This is why I had got used to the named template style. When writing xsl decied if all the nodes of a certain type will be output. If so use a rule to match against it, if not the parent node will have to select the interseting node or nodes and invoke a named template on them.

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