January 21, 2015

MVVM/MVC/MVP Explained

There is a nice explanation here

The represent several ways to manage and coordinate the GUI but the important thing is that the model is always segregated from the GUI. Usually the model is described as some database classes but the Model can contain threads and timers and event publishers so this overly simplistic view does not do it any justice. I prefer to view the model as an API on the business logic. A good way to create a model is using test classes from a test framework (such as NUnit or MS-Test). Using a GUI framework is a dangerous approach because it encourages the use of GUI objects within the model, even a simple message dialog within some model code can throw a spanner in the works so to speak.

The View represents the UI components such as CSS, jQuery, html, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, XAML

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