April 7, 2005

'Assembly src=' Directive

Discovered that can use 'Assembly src=' directive to compile other C# files into a single source file type aspx file. In the main source file you can use classes and types mentioned in the Assembly source file. http://www.jenitennison.com/cv.xml - CV in XML form, do View Source http://www.snapfiles.com/opinions/for_abilon.html - A freeware blogging tool Did some work on the 'EMailMe' project. I put all the code to output the stylesheet partions into a separate class. From the '.apsx' file I use type statements to output the stylesheet html statements. This means that the main block of statements for outputting the page has to be copied to each new web page. This is not perfectly satisfactory but at least the process of setting up the page is semi-automatic. Really should used the 'editdvdcollection' project to test this new code as it uses my standard web-page layout. Found the location of the IIS compiled web applications. They are at: 'C:\Documents and Settings\\VSWebCache'. Only the Web applications go here.

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