August 22, 2011

Properties in C++/CLI

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To implement them completely inline:
virtual property bool IsWritable {
  bool get() { return isWritable_; };
  void set(bool value) { isWritable_ = value; };
In header file (.h) for a header+source implementation:
virtual property System::String ^Name {
  System::String ^get();
  void set(System::String^); 
then in the source (.cpp) file:
System::String ^ XXX::Name::get() {
  return gcnew System::String(xxx.getName().c_str());

void XXX::Name::set(System::String ^value) {
To override, in the header of derived class change the definition with an override statement:
virtual property bool DoSomething {
  bool get() override;
  bool set() override;

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