October 20, 2011

gcroot and pin_ptr

Reference managed type members in an unmanaged class by using the "gcroot<>" template. This provides a wrapper around the GCHandle class.
Look at this msdn explanantion
Also there is this article on codeproject
gcroot str;
str = gcnew String("hello");
Pinning in C++/CLI. Do this using the pin_ptr keyword. This prevents the managed object from being moved around in memory by the garbage collector
Object ^obj = gcnew MyClass();
pin_ptr pinned = obj;

October 12, 2011

CSS Positioning Concepts

CSS unit of measurement 1ex= width of letter "x"

CSS Positioning Concepts
CSS Positioning
Positioning in 10 easy steps with pictures - very good

The “position:relative” is best used when you want to adjust some element's position slightly. The “relative” means it is relative to the parent tag's rendering box. More here

Position is fixed to the browser window. For example "<div style="position:fixed; right:1ex; bottom:1ex">" fixes to the bottom right hand corner of the browser window. More from the original source
When a element is “position:fixed”, it is moved into a layer by itself. Use the "z-index" parameter to specify if it is on top or below the over elements. Again, more here

October 6, 2011

Printing HTML

To initiate the Print of a web page use the following HTML and Javascript:
<a href="javascript:window.print()">Print Page</a> 
This is how the link looks: Print Page

There is more on this at Htmlgoodies