March 28, 2012

WPF/Silverlight MVVM

Quick Intro to MVVM A small introduction

Getting Started with the MVVM Pattern in Silverlight Applications

MVVM Light Toolkit
Download it here - There is a couple of videos here as well!

Chapter 5: Implementing the MVVM Pattern
Chapter 6: Advanced MVVM Scenarios - Most introductions only explain the topic in a basic way which does not occur in reality. Here, they show how to deal with the tricksey areas

Simplifying commands in MVVM and WPF - I like the adapted approach proffered by David N. in the comments

Using the BackgroundWorker in a Silverlight MVVM Application - Most of my apps have background worker threads or threading in some manner.

WPF MVVM Commands - new reduced-boilerplate recipe - Not so keen on this approach

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